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Lotus Banquets

Let Your Event Bloom

The lotus flower has meaning in many cultures. In one it represents purity, to others it expresses revival or a will to live as the lotus flower can go many thousands of years with out water, and to some, each color embodies a different meaning… but to all it is a symbol of

beauty and growth. The way something of such vibrant color starts in something so dull as mud and then grows and expands into something so beautiful and breathtaking.


Here at Lotus we aim to take your ideas and grow them into something beautiful. We want every second or your event to be breathtaking and wonderful. Our newly renovated state of the art banquet hall is staffed with in house florist, baker, world class service and an array of Indian and American cuisines from the finest cooks in the area. Lotus Banquets is the perfect place to take your wedding, birthday, corporate or special event and make it bloom!

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